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Our Current Canadian Banknote Rate = .65

Our Current Canadian Coin Rate = .55

To calculate the amount we pay, simply add the value of your coins and multiply by our "current rate".  




$100 CN x .65=$65.00 USD


Our Current Exchange Rate = .75



For Small Shipments (10 lbs)

USPS small flat rate box can be shipped for about $9 USD


For Larger Shipments (50-60 lbs)

USPS medium rate box can be shipped for about $16 - $22 USD



Address the box to:


173 Spinks Road

Temple, GA 30179








  1. Please DO NOT send loose coins in a regular postal envelope. The automated postal equipment will tear the envelope and your coins will be lost forever. Below is our recommended method.

  2. We recommend using the USPS Flat Rate Boxes for shipping your coins. With Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes, if it fits, it ships®anywhere in the U.S. for a low Flat Rate

  3. Place your coins in a plastic sandwich or food storage bag(s)The bags can be placed in the boxes surrounded with paper so that don't rattle or slide around. We suggest you tape the bags to prevent them from breaking open during transport. Tape - Tape - Tape !!!!!

  4. Seal the box with extra tape to avoid the flaps from breaking open.

  5. Include a packing list with your return information so we can send you your $US exchange and communicate by email.

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