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What We Recycle

The Canadian Coin Exchange is currently accepting - Canadian Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Loone Dollar and Twonie Two Dollar coins for recycling.  Coins that are badly corroded, bent or otherwise not fit for circulation will be rejected and not accepted for our recycling program.

At this time, we can not recycle the Canadian 50 cent piece or the large dollar coin as they are not commonly used for goods and service transactions and are mostly considered collector pieces. . Please refer to the following information and feel free to call anytime. 

General Information:


All Canadian coins are clearly minted with the word ("CANADA) on the coin. The Royal Canadian Mint does manufacture coins for other countries, however, those coins are not recycled back into the Canadian system.


Confused - Don't Worry - Our machines know the difference and will do the necessary separation.


Don't forget you can call or email anytime!





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